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Subscribe loan insurance

Subscribe loan insurance

Paltis Loan Insurance is an association founded in 1976 by independent workers. They have defined five main principles that are still required today: defending the interests of insured members, perpetuating a non-profit system, offering long-term guarantees, focusing on the independence of insurance solutions. insurance, streamline costs. In 1986, Paltis entrusted the management of its contracts to Paltis Assurance, which is 100% a subsidiary of the association. In 2008, Paltis Insurance was certified.

Save on your mortgage insurance with Paltis

After the introduction of text cogilaw company in 2010, the free choice of insurance loan to ensure your loan against death, disability, disability and unemployment is allowed: compare the offer Paltis credit insurance with all proposals cheaper credit insurance from the independent online broker!

Benefit from an adapted cover with Paltis loan insurance

Benefit from an adapted cover with Paltis loan insurance

When you take out a credit, you do not have to accept the insurance offer from the bank and can purchase the insurance coverage of your choice from another insurer. This allows you to compare insurance offers with each other to opt for the contract with the most extensive warranties and/or the lowest rate.

Simulate your Paltis loan insurance

Simulate your Paltis loan insurance

By performing online loan simulation insurance, you will evaluate your loan insurance in detail and will be able to compare the offers that match you best. Simulating your borrower insurance allows you to anticipate on your credit.

It is recommended that you go through a broker specialized in loan insurance so that you get in a short time the negotiated offers that best meet your expectations and choose without complication the best proposal. The brokerage can save you a lot of money on your Paltis loan insurance!

Simulation insurance for immo loan with Paltis Assurances and the independent broker insurance of cheap loan, real guide which advises you to make the good choice and to set up the delegation insurance Paltis ready quickly (in 24h without problem of health)

Fercum text with insurer Paltis

The Fercum scheme aims to improve relations between lending institutions and consumers. His article “L312-1-2” on credit/insurance group sales can be quoted if your banking advisor makes a wry face about your choice to delegate your borrower insurance.

Your banker can no longer impose a change in loan conditions if you choose an Paltis insurance delegation.

How to contract a credit insurance contract Paltis out of bank

  1. Make your simulation with the online loan insurance calculator
  2. Get Pricing Paltis Insurance Loan
  3. Contact a broker to establish a contract proposal
  4. Your contract is published within 24 hours (without health problem)

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