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Prefer external loan insurance external to the contract of the bank

Prefer external loan insurance external to the contract of the bank

Founded in 1975 by and for health professionals, National Union for the Interests of Medicine is an association law 1908 proposing preferential conditions for all insurance. Its board of directors is composed exclusively of volunteer health professionals.

Umin offers a full range of insurance policies tailored to the personal and professional needs of its individual and professional customers

Choose freely individual Uminpromised loan insurance

Since September 1, 2010, the implementation date of the Cogilaw law, borrowers are free to subscribe their loan insurance with the insurer of their choice under the condition that the contract outsourced loan insurance has a level of guarantee at least equivalent to that of the group contract of the lending bank.

Cogilaw Company real estate borrower insurance

Cogilaw Company real estate borrower insurance

Since 1 September 2010, banks and insurance companies have been obliged to issue borrowers with a standardized credit insurance information notice.

The Cogilaw reform improves access to information for borrowers so that they can make a comparison of loan insurance offers available on the market with the contract offered by the lending bank.

The bank can not refuse you loan insurance

The bank has a duty of information on the loan insurance towards the borrower and can not refuse a delegation of insurance if the level of guarantee of the contract is equivalent to theirs. Any refusal on his part must be motivated in writing.

  • loan cover,
  • foresight, complementary health,
  • savings, investments,
  • damage to property

By seeking out a broker specialized in loan insurance, you can choose from the negotiated insurance offers that best meet your needs. The broker Philip can get you the best conditions for your loan insurance Umin.

  • Quality guarantees
  • Loan insurance in 24 hours
  • Immediate price online
  • Loan Insurance Offer

The measures of the Cogilaw device:

  • The borrower is entitled to purchase other loan insurance than that offered by the bank, under the sole condition that the insurance delegation contract includes a guarantee level at least equivalent.
  • Any refusal of a delegation of insurance by the lender must be motivated in writing.
  • The bank is not entitled to change its credit rate conditions, in return for setting up a delegation of insurance.

Subscribe an insurance offer individual Umin

Subscribe an insurance offer individual Umin

  1. Simulate the rates using the online comparator
  2. Realize a credit insurance pricing
  3. Custom study according to your profile
  4. Receipt of the contract within 24 hours (if no medical problem)

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